The Artists Coaching
Pegasos Webinar Program
"Reach for Your Artistic Stars"

Rainbow Bubble

A creative journey of renewal and expanding yourself.

7 weeks webinar with Claudia Kohl

7 weeks webinar with Claudia Kohl Study 7 intensive weeks with Claudia Kohl and join The Artists Coaching family from anywhere in the world.

The next group will start in August, 2018 . Reserve your place now. Only limited number of seats still available. Imagine yourself bathing in a magical waterfall, recharging yourself. Imagine the feeling of the soft water bubbles on your skin. Imagine your glowing self.

Each week we will journey through each color of the rainbow and what it represents in your life. We will then recharge this aspect and allow it to shine and glow.

Within this 7 weeks, we will built your fully charged rainbow bridge to your higher self, so that you can powerfully embody your creations.

The webinar is designed for those who want continuous support to stay on track with their dream and want to share their project with fellow dreamers.

It is for those who are looking for on going support but don't need an intensive individual coaching for it.

Each group will be small 4 to 6 people to ensure intensive development.
Georg Mörtter
"It is the most personalized online coaching I've ever joined"
Georg Mörtter, entrepreneur.

How does it work?

  • We will meet weekly on Zoom for lively interactive sessions.
  • Weekly mp3 meditation.
  • You can show yourself to the group or stay invisible.
  • A dedicated private Facebook group.
  • Weekly worksheets.
  • All sessions will be available for downloads.
  • Facebook Live sessions.

Still want to know more?

Get in touch with Claudia for your free complimentary call.

Who is it for?

  • Anyone who would like to recharge
  • Anyone who would like renewel
  • Anyone, exhausted, overwhelmed or anxious
  • Anyone beginning something new
  • Anyone with a demanding life
  • Anyone who is going through a transformation
  • Anyone re-inventing
  • Anyone on tour
  • Anyone working on a new project
  • Anyone travelling a lot
  • Anyone in rehearsal for a new show who need to copy with a lot
The more versatile the group, the more fun, inspiration, broadening of your horizon you will experience in this 7 weeks.

What will I learn?

Even though this is a set webinar training, I will create each session to match the individual needs that come up.

You will learn how to renew and recharge yourself finding your personal empowerment meditation.

I - RAINBOW Water Cleanse:

The rainbow water cleanse rescued me, when I had reached flatline in all areas in my life. In this safe bubble all that is not you, all the pain, can disolve and you can release into the flow that carries you upstream.

II - RAINBOW Light Empowerment Bridge:

All colors are light. We will play and experience the light and colors inside us, in the universe and how they build the foundation for living, being and expressing our essence. All in a down to earth actions.

III - RAINBOW Embodyment:

By following our rainbow bridge, we will be guided to our own unique recharging meditation to support us in embodying our light in daily life.


  • Free flowing creativity
  • Emotional balance
  • Your own, individual meditation
  • Clarity of purpose
  • Increased joy
  • Uninhibited expression
  • Personal empowerment
  • Spiritual grounding
  • Releasing deep stubborn issues
  • Confidence to stand in your power
  • Courage to go for your dreams
  • Being able to recognize opportunities
  • Being inspired!
  • Being recharged!

Looking forward to intensively work with you for 7 weeks.
To Your Brilliance,
Claudia Kohl

"It has never been my object to record my dreams, just to realize them."
Man Ray