The Artists Coaching
VIP Retreat
Art Intensification Retreat
"Be A Creative Genius"

SABBATICAL-No more VIP Days available in 2019

Two days to work with your Creative Genius.

This program offers two full VIP Coaching Days with Claudia Kohl! You will empower your artistic nature so that you claim your greatest dream and life. I help clients with their deepest issues and create lasting results. As a coach this is my passion and the most rewarding means of coaching.

What fun is a dream if you never experience it in your life?

Beatrix Kramer
"Thank you for our time together. I am clear about my next steps and had a business boost of 200% this week"
Beatrix Kramer, psychologist.
We will have two entire days, dedicated to your dream and innermost nature. We will work with loads of ideas, plans and simple tools to help you. You will not only feel your dream in your heart, have a clear vision of yourself and we will invite all levels of you in. You will leave clear and enlightened with a grounded plan. You will be deeply connected with your soul and feel empowered, strong, safe and excited to rock the world.
That is why TAC VIP Retreat is groundbreaking. It is not just a seminar where you build up energy and leave overwhelmed or not know how to keep this energy up once you are back to your daily life. You will know how to guide yourself.
You are invited to visit me in my new and exciting home town: Berlin.
You will spend two days focused on you and your dream. Plus a recreation day to enjoy the city and powerfully set your energies before you leave to share your dream with the world.
During your VIP experience we can work on any topic you want to bring up. – I tailor your experience to what you'd like to learn and accomplish while you're here.
Using TAC proccess to guide us, I'll help you move forward to the next level of your growth. If there's something specific you would like us to review during your visit, I will tailor your experience to exactly to what you want. It's your visit.

Topics people have brought up during their VIP experience:

  • Work on or create a specific act or project
  • Prepare for their next tour, shooting or recording
  • Create a piece of art then and there
  • Heal or transform limitations
  • Get clear about their vision and clarify their dream
  • Fully embody their greatness
  • Identify their artistic blueprint and authentic career path
  • Boost their creativity
  • Empower themselves for their next adventure
  • Couples before marriage who would like to identify their dream marriage
  • Broaden your resources
  • Lay out your dream and success steps to accomplish it dare
  • Plan a career change or retirement
  • Are in transformation and need clarity
  • Established artist who wants to surprise and reinvent himself. Who needs new input from outside
Your own art (and you don't need to be in an artistic profession to create and play) will provide the answers and show you step by step your authentic path and resources. We will define your dream and will develop the strategy to attract it into becoming real.

  • How to bring all your talents and knowledge together to best serve your purpose
  • How to thrive and share your unique gifts with the world
  • How to elevate your whole life
We will also look at ways to create more time and freedom for you. And how to structure your new projects and business. Find out what supports you, what you can let go off.

Welcome to Berlin!

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On your recreation day you will be able to explore the many sights in Berlin or enjoy one of the relaxing parks and lakes. Berlin is an exciting city of extremes. Always evolving you can explore it in a variety of historical and modern attractions. Berlin's vibrant cultural scene has a lot to offer to you. Berlin is the world's prime location for historical art collections. Various musical theatres and Berlin's biggest show at the Friedrichstadtpalast are most elaborate and spectacular. There are countless places for shopping, from flea markets to unique shopping temples.
When you will be here, we will have coffee at my favorite coffee place, the finest Italian coffee outside Italy I have ever tasted. You might just hang around in Bleibtreustraße, the lively traditional street where celebrities like Christoph Waltz, Till Brönner or Cate Blanchett spend their time. Your exclusive hotel is located in the beautiful Grunewald woods just 10 minutes from the city center. You're going to have an amazing experience on your VIP Coaching Day.

Are you passionate and ready for TAC VIP?

To make sure that TAC VIP will be a great experience for us and will be the right fit for you, I have a couple of questions for you … .

You are ready for a VIP if you …
  • Want to try a new path
  • Want to work for two days intensively and are willing to step out of your comfort zone to do so
  • Are ready to do whatever it takes to catapult your business to the next level
  • Are tired of turning in circles
  • Are ready to be a bigger version of yourself
  • One extra experience Berlin holiday
  • Are ready for a healthy and self loving way of living and creating

How does The Artists Coaching VIP work?

  • TAC VIP are one-to-on individual coachings with Claudia Kohl
  • TAC VIP includes 2 full private days of coaching in the studio
  • TAC VIP includes coaching at other locations like a stage or whatever if necessary
  • All art and other supplies are provided and included
  • Nourishing gourmet meals are catered during the Soul Art Intensive (lunch & dinner)
  • One extra experience Berlin holiday
  • You will stay at an exquisite 5* star hotel or a crazy historic boutique hotel

Book your private VIP days with Claudia now.

Two intensive days to heal, clarify and create your dream.
(Experience your dream in real life)

Pay in full *Best Price*
€ 9,999
2. Payment option
€ 5,300
First payment processed immediately.
Second payment processed 30 days later.

I know this opportunity is special and only for you if you are serious about building a healthy/solid base in your live and are passionate about your dream. More freedom and fulfillment in your life can scare some people, I understand that.
If you have more questions or are uncertain, I invite you to call me for a complimentary session to figure out together if the TAC VIP Days is what helps you move to the next level. Connect with Claudia at … .
You cannot afford the VIP Days? Probably this isn't the right coaching for you right now and you might want to try another program first.
Did you read this site and are now excited to shoot to the next level? I would be delighted to work with you. Dare and take the first leap towards your dream.

To Your Brilliance,
Claudia Kohl

the place where your greatest artistic dream comes real

"The one who wants to realize his dream,
Needs to be more awake and go deeper
Into his dreams than the others."
Karl Förster, landsculpturist

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