Imagination means
nothing without doing.
Charles Chaplin

My personal story

Claudia Kohl
Thanks to my Creativity Angels I have a natural ability to draw visionaries to me, who have supported and inspired me. They fueled my difficult childhood with the spark to create a magical world. A real life wonderland. Tanzforum Wien and Move On Dance Center sponsored much of my dance training, for which I am eternally grateful. Without them, I would not have survived.

By the time I finished school, I had lived in Nürnberg, Paris, Brussels and Vienna. I think, my urge to be a nomad and yet striving for a safe home at the same time, come from this fortunate experience.

Pretty much of my teen life was devoted to dance, tap dance was my love, and later the Alexander Technique. As a young graduate, I was longing for a place where the biggest visions and dreams are real, where bodies would be without limits….

Where could I find the place where the greatest magic happens? Where did the biggest dreams get real?

I found only one place where I could be part of these creations. The Cirque du Soleil.

I stepped forward and enthusiastically applied as an Alexander teacher. The rather dry reply was: thank you but we have just worked with the Alexander Technique and the artists did not like it.

This disappointment was not going to stop me from living my dream. I tried again, this time at the European tour directly. The reply was just as discouraging.

I had to come up with something more creative to be part of this enterprise. Just what? I was in no way an acrobat. A small add in the newspaper was my chance. It read that a Circus was looking for a receptionist. It did not say that it was CDS but I had this very strong feeling that it was. I called and it was a recruitment agency inviting me to the one and only interview appointment there would be. My heart sank. Exactly to that time I had to work for Disney and would not have been able to opt out. I needed another appointment which they did not want to give me. In my desperation and desire, I bursted out: "Okay, if CDS can afford to go without my expertise…" This was my ticket for an extra interview. They figured, if I was smart enough to somehow manage to know that it was CDS, I might be indeed good for the job.

My positive attitude and passion for CDS, most likely not my professional expertise, got me the job at the CDS 250 other applicants had applied for. My true adventure, creative paradise and excitement began with my first work day. I wasn't the best receptionist. I was highly motivated to give my best. Luckily the artists payed attention to me and began to ask me to work with them. The first artist, the exceptional contortionist Jinny Jacinto, asked me to help her I felt so honored. We coached very successfully and I am most grateful for her trust in me.

Needless to say rather quickly I was fired as a receptionist but the coaching work got so important to the artists they invited me to come on tour with them. I stayed for many years.

Any dream place has its flaws, what I also learned was sometimes taking care of the show counts more than taking care of an artists. I am grateful for all the amazing artists that trusted me and the work that has grown from there.

I am an example of my own teachings. I practice magnetizing my big dreams into reality, break downs, fear and self sabotaging included. Yet, I am getting better in staying in my creative flow, cooperating with my dreams.

Last year, at the age of 45, I began to realize another dream and to be a fine artist and textile designer. I am just starting into this new adventure... while another dream is just waiting around the corner...a garden...oh, well, let's talk about you!