My Art

I warmly invite you to stroll through my art gallery and enjoy the sights. The textile designs and paintings from this year, will be up soon. Please, come back.

My intention as an artist is to leave a trace with my art that evokes the beauty already within the viewer, to inspire curiosity and the discovery of something new.


I love the pure pleasure of expressing myself with colors. I "dive" into them, follow my intuition until the painting begins to make sense and guides me to its completion.


My background and beginning were very technical and I painted pretty little, detailed illustrations. The process to let go and paint with freedom was a long one. The results of which you see here.

This art has been exhibited in Vienna, Munich, Berlin and London. You can also find my art in private practices, private homes and corporate offices.


The "Heilspuren" series in the "Visionen" magazine as well as the established Boesner "100 Bilder" art catalogue have all featured my art work.


Most of viewing audiences describe my colorful art works and designs as "Feeling like being touched by the wings of angels."