Coaching Session
with Claudia Kohl
"Full Body Artist"

Individual Coachings available only until the 1st of March, 2019!

One-to-one 60 minutes session
with Claudia Kohl

I want to personally work with you to help you:

1 .Gain clarity on your dream or problem
2. Find direction so you're doing what you love succesfully
3. Create the art or product, career or life which is aligned with your dream
4. Liberate yourself from what is holding you back or irritating you

Let us meet for coaching, with water (if we dance), tea or coffee or a glas of wine, online (recorded) or at my studio in Berlin. How about meeting up in nature?

The session will be about whatever you would like to shine a light on.

Just bring yourself in a comfortable outfit (we might move), your favorite pencils or crayons, your sketch and notebook (we will create).

I will offer you my inspiration and compassion. I will listen with my heart.

We will engage in a mix of practical, magical and creative-constructive that honours your unique creative nature and allows for your next step.

Dianne Legro
"Working with Claudia will make your dreams come true."
Dianne Legro, singer performer

The Individual Sessions are all about bringing out the light in you. If you are still not sure, if it is what you want or diserve, just book the complimentary call.

In my 23 years of coaching experience I have had the joy of working with clients from various professions with whatever challenge they faced:

  • Circus and Performing artists
  • Singers
  • Energy Healers
  • Directors
  • Kitchen Chefs
  • Authors
  • Visual artists
  • Teachers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Designer
  • Visionaries
  • Physicians
  • Therapists, Psychatrists
  • Athletes
  • TV Anchors
  • Leaders
  • Corporate Coaches and Trainers
  • Housewives, Mothers
  • And Many, Many More

Who is my coaching for?

My coaching is for anyone who wants to deepen their creative resources. Anyone who wants to step beyond limitations and make art of his own life. anyone who is in despair.
I would love to work with you on the dream you would like to realize and share with the world.

How will I work with you?

We will connect at the appointed time and you could experience a session like this:

You will talk about issues you are facing and what you want to solve or achieve. I will ask pointed questions and "tune in" on how I can effectively help you. If you want to work on a specific topic which involves your work/art, I would appreciate to get a video or other visual example of your work or problem before the session to prepare myself.
After that we will find the most powerful way to instantly get on track with your dream and create a transformative, empowering, joyful session to support you.
Sometimes one session is enough. Yet, I would recommend the minimum of a 3 months program, to really make a change, build solid ground and bring it all to fruitation.

Special Bonus

I'll record the session for you.
I highly recommend it since the session will be so full of valuable information you will work with it again and again. The recorded session will be erased from my systems as soon as you have downloaded to ensure your privacy.
For the next 30 days after the session you will have free email coaching whenever there is a question coming up for you. Sometimes you will like to have a follow up call because things will change so quickly. I will give you a free intensive 15 minutes call after the 30 days to get your feedback and see what we can do to stay on that path you already have accomplished.
I am so much looking forward to work with you. Thank you for your trust.

To Your Brilliance,
Claudia Kohl

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(Payment, booking option)
1 Session € 90,00
3 Months € 960,00
6 Months € 1700,00
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"All processes which shall convince and enchant in this world,
Have to be sensual processes."
André Heller, artist

Spiritual Reading Session With Claudia

Claudia has been an intuitive channel since childhood and refined her gifts through psychic training with Frank Alper and at the College of Psychic Studies, London. Sometimes, we are in no emotional state to be our own guides. In this session, we will activate your hands, to receive guidance on your next steps. Intuitively, I will oracle what you need to know. Most clients appreciate this very grounded, down to earth, spirited spice and advice to the coaching.

Book a Spiritual Session with Claudia Now

1 Session of 30 minutes € 40,00

Book a traditional Coaching Session with Claudia Now

Package with Individual Coaching € 120,00