Q. How do I arrange to work with Claudia?

A. Claudia offers free complimentary calls to help you find out how to best work with her. To arrange a call, please send us an email or call us at +49.(0)151.5999 89 48.
On the TAC Place page you will find registration forms to book a session by yourself.

Q. Can I meet with Claudia in person or by phone or skype?

A. You can come to my studio in Berlin to work with me in person.
Or you can work with me by phone or skype as well.
The best option to work with me in person is the VIP Program at my studio in Berlin.
You can also invite me to come and work with your group or team.

Q. What can I work on with Claudia?

A. We can work on almost any problem you would like to solve in a creative way. Be it a physical problem in your performance, some emotional issues or a problem with your artistic expression. We can work on specific issues or a general improvement of a challenge. Most of all we can work on any issues relating to your dream.

Q. What results can I expect to receive?

A. Inner clarity, creation of a piece of art (whether it is an act or painting or composition you are working on), liberation from limitations, confidence, your aligned plan with who you are to realize your dream, emotional balance, broaden your resources… and many more.

Q. Will my results last permanently?

A. Yes, if you come on a regular basis for a while, TAC will change your underlying principles and you will have the tools to deal with whatever comes up for you. The changes will give permanent results as you will be growing and elevating.

Q. Is Skype just as effective as working in person?

A. It is. For most issues. My process guides you on how to guide yourself. The hands on work might be a deeper experience and sometimes provoke change quicker but in most cases skype is just as effective.

Q. Where do I stay when I come for the 2 Day VIP coaching?

A. You will stay at the exclusive "4 Jahreszeiten Schlosshotel Grunewald" (4 Seasons hotel Grunewald) in Berlin. A luxurious 5 star hotel in the idyllic Grunewald woods just 20 minutes from Kurfürstendamm and the shopping areas.

Q. Does Claudia also work with teams and groups together?

A. Claudia loves to work with teams and groups both online and in person. Be it as a preparation for the Olympic games or your company. Best send us your request and we would be delighted to tailor a program just for your needs.

Q. How do I pay for the coaching?

A. Yes. Either register for your preferred program on the TAC Place side or call or send an email. And we will arrange an appointment. Please note that sometimes I might be fully booked. In cases of emergency better call us and we will do what we can to get you an appointment quickly.

Q. Do you still work with kids?

A. Yes, of course. Please contact us for the special programs and prices for kids. I especially help kids who are shy or don't know how to concentrate.

Q. What is the benefit/relationship of your method to fewer injuries and shorter healing time for injuries one is copying with already?

A. My method can help to ease and promote the healing process in addition to common therapy. It helps to avoid tensions in the rest of the body through compensating movements. Since you learn to use your natural dynamic for movement and how to avoid excess pressure it helps you prevent injury.

Q. What if I am not an artist by profession?

A. You don't need to be an technically skilled or trained artist. We work with people from all professions. To qualify you only need to be willing to become an artist with whatever you do. We offer programs which evoke your creativity and you can gradually build up to the whole life coaching.

Q. Do you coach in German or English?

A. Claudia coaches in German or English. She speaks basic Russian but cannot coach in this language.

You can email me to connect@the-artists-coaching.com