The Artists Coaching:
The Place Where Your Greatest
Artistic Dream Comes True.
Where You Create
an Unlimited Version of You.

Inspiring Artists to realize their full potential

The Artists Coaching is the coaching method Claudia created to help artists reach a new dimension of their art through a creative, artful process and gain the confidence to realize their hearts dream also based on an authentic life.
Part of TAC which is being taught at Claudia's The Artists Coaching Place is the Claudia Kohl Method which she had developed many years ago. The Claudia Kohl method has a more philosophical and physical approach and lay the foundation for TAC.

Be brilliant and be special

Are you fulfilled with your career? Do you want to surprise and amaze your audience? Are you hungry for more spirit, exhuberance, exceptional artistry and courage in your performance?

Do you feel there is a dream, a new version of yourself that wants to become real? Do you feel your soul is pushing you in a new direction and just don't know what this might be?

The Artists Coaching is a powerful process to connect with your greatest dream. It uses art and the Claudia Kohl Method to authentically realize it. To be a new dimension of art, artists need magic. TAC will inspire magic.

The Artists Coaching process is based on the truth that it takes art to change art and create art.

Maybe you are at a turning point in your career or private life or want to evoke change. It is all too easy to stay struggling, lose faith or settle with less then you deserve when you are working hard and still don't get to the next level.

The solution is a lot easier than you might think or have so far experienced.

The Artists Coaching process is fun and exciting. You wake up your creative spirit to be your loving guide. The Artists Coaching is your safe playground to create an unlimited version of you. It is your birthplace for a deeper creative self and all of your artistic resources. You will understand you artistic and emotional profile. You innovate an inspired body with greater movement and expression. Your art will clearly give you all the answers to your questions.

As a result your whole life and career will be a magical experience where you live your dream, grow and walk your unique path to be an inspiration for others and help the earth expand to a new dimension.

I'll be there for you.

  • Recognizing your whole potential
  • Identify your honest mission as an artist
  • Resolves personal and creative blockages
  • Innovative artistic expression
  • Courage to go for your dreams
  • Powerful inner support system
  • Expanded consciousness
  • Career and life balance
  • More confidence in your physical abilities

Play as if your life depends on it.

"Creativity can solve almost any problem. The creative act, the defeat of habit by originality, overcomes everything."
George Lois